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Your Microsoft® Word text module
manager and composer
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What is OfferMaker?
With OfferMaker you can merge Microsoft® Word documents to proposals, letters or contracts with a few clicks in your browser.

The advantages of OfferMaker:

  • You accelerate and standardise the document creation process.
  • OfferMaker manages your Microsoft® Word templates professionally:
    • Wording and design are managed centrally
    • Including version control, multi languages templates, history, etc.
  • Offer specific data is entered in the user interface and replaced in the document.
  • OfferMaker is completely web-based.
  • With OfferMaker you always know who created what document and when.
  • The created documents may of course be edited.
  • OfferMaker is fully integrated with Salesforce.com: Opportunity data is extracted and replaced in the offer.
  • With the use of workspaces you can assign every business-unit its own OfferMaker environment.
  • Test OfferMaker for free or visit our online demo.

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